July 22: Saint Mary Magdalene Madeleines

2 things you may not know about Saint Mary Magdalene:

1. She’s the patron of glove makers and hairdressers.

2. There’s talk right now about some Catholics wanting her feast day to be promoted to a solemnity. I do have mixed reactions about it and wanna talk to everyone I know about it.

2 Tips on these cookies:

1. So, these were new to me! I used silicon baking sheets, which seemed to work fine, but many folks seem to say that the non-stick baking pans work best for Madelines.

2. Less is more. Repeat: less is more. Put a teaspoon of the Madeline mixture into the baking sheet and leave it be. Gravity will take care of itself!

I’m going to bake another batch or two and come back with my own recipe, but in the meantime, I greatly enjoyed Beth’s. There are a few tweaks I want to make, but there are only so many cookies this girl can make in one day. If you can’t wait, check hers out!

Also, husband, toddler, and I ate about half the batch before I remembered we needed to take a photo.

St. Mary Magdalene, pray for us!

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