July 25: Saint James Shell Madeleine Cookies

Two more facts you may not have known about St. James:

1. His brother is John the Beloved.

2. St. James’s symbol is a shell, which makes quite a bit of sense since he was a fisherman. You can also find the shells all over the Camino.

👆Hence, Madeleine cookies are the perfect dessert! If you were not a glutton, you probably would still have some left over from Monday’s feast day. But if you are like my family, you are going to need to make a second batch. 🤦

3 tips with this recipe:

1. This one will yield about 40 cookies. Keep your oven on so that as soon as you pop out the first batch, you can drizzle a tiny little bit of oil or butter ninto the pan, and get the next group going!

2. All you need is half a teaspoon per cookie. These expand, and the shape held together much better than the recipe I tried on Saint Mary Magdalene’s feast day.

3. Lesson learned from both Madeleine recipes: keep it hot. You want your oven to be at least 400 degrees, but if you have an oven like mine, knock it up to 425. That way, your Madeleines have a nice crunchy texture on the outside but are nice and soft on the inside.

Recipe can be found here. Now that I’ve tried out a couple recipes, I’ll have my own recipe ready sooner rather than later!

Saint James, pray for us!

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