July 26: Fruits of Saints Anne and Joachim Dole Whip

One more thing I loved about these two Saints:

1. I love that in spite of how little we know about Jesus’s grandparents, we see the fruits of their work, specifically in Mary and in their grandson, Jesus Christ!

To go along with the golden theme, and the theme of fruits, get out some frozen pineapple and a can of coconut milk! This would be the easiest dessert, and it will also be a catechetical moment for your kids.

Recommendations for this recipe:

1. I would recommend chopping up your frozen pieces of pineapple into chunks, if you’re like me and you freeze pineapple in large pieces. It’s amazingly easy to cut, even though it’s frozen!

2. Start out blending cup by cup if pineapple. You may not need 5 cups, but you also don’t want a watery dessert.


4-5 cup pineapple

1 can coconut milk


Blind pineapple and coconut milk together in a blender or food processor. Enjoy!

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