August 11: Saint Philomena Greek Crown Salad

4 reasons why Saint Philomena is dearly loved by Catholics:

1. Philomena is the patron saint of infants, babies, and youth.

2. Diocletian asked for her hand in marriage as a sort of peace treaty, as she was a Greek princess. But because Philomena vowed her virginity to God, she refused his proposal.

3. She suffered multiple martyrdoms–40 days in prison, getting flogged to the point of death, drowning with an anchor, shooting of arrows–BUT ANGELS SAVED HER EVERY TIME! She was ultimately accused of witchcraft and was decapitated.

4. She is often depicted wearing a flower crown…which ties into today’s simple, easy recipe!

1 tip for this recipe:

1. There’s really no method–just cut up veggies and form them into a crown of your choice! Have fun with this!

Red onion
Kalamata olives
Feta Cheese

Oil and vinegar
1/2 teaspoon oregano
salt and pepper, to taste

Make crown of choice with veggies. Serve with salad dressing.

St. Philomena, pray for us!

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