September 18: Saint Joseph of Cupertino Flight Attendant

Today’s saint and I are kindred spirits. He was a real klutz, and always seemed to be breaking dishes. But the Lord worked amazingly through him, to the point where this saint could levitate! He’s the patron saint of aviators and pilots…meet Saint Joseph of Cupertino!

5 years ago, I flew with a friend who ordered me a drink called a flight attendant. It’s ginger ale with a splash of cranberry… But I’m going to be honest: upon googling this, there does not seem to be a single other soul who knows this drink…am I crazy??? I’ve ordered it since, but now I’m a little nervous to do so when we fly next week. 😂 We would have done aviations tonight, but we’ve cut alcohol out of our budget for now…

Whether it’s a real drink or not, it is the perfect thing for my sick day, especially because it is the classiest of ways to drink ginger ale. 😉

Glass of ginger ale, your pick
Splash of cranberry (we like the not from concentrate kind)
Squeeze of lime

Combine all ingredients and enjoy!

Saint Joseph of Cupertino, pray for us!

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