6 months later…

Confession: I couldn’t even figure out how to log into my own blog to make this post.

Even funnier: my mouth dropped and I went, “Huh!” when I realized that it has been more than a hot minute since I have posted.

More like 259,200 hot minutes. Did the math really fast, probably messed that number up, and even so–that numero is large enough!

Chicken or turkey?

I could say that it’s been my recent timeline:

July: Husband and I found out we were expecting Baby #2 in April!
August: I couldn’t eat, look at, or think about chicken.
September: See August, add in naps.
October: See September, subtract blog posts.
November: Got the flu after Thanksgiving. Still haven’t had turkey since. This pregnancy’s for the birds.

December: Second trimester peak in time to pack up apartment!
January: Moved back to Phoenix!
Mid-January: Our things moved back to Phoenix!
February: Baby #2 arrived 10 weeks early.

Our Thomas Joseph, born 02/02/2020

March: This is a strange time in life, a time when we really do need to turn back to God and His saints.

Okay, so my calendar is one thing. But…here’s the other, really big thing…

As a preface…I’m impressed by the blogging world. I’m extra impressed by the mama blogging world.

But I’ll be real. I am not organized, I am not aesthetic, and I am not able to post a brand spanking new recipe with facts about a new saint every day. All while making sure husband, toddler, bebe, and me are up and running.

But, here’s what I want to do:

1. Share the saint of the day and one reason to pray to that saint.

2. Either share one of my own OR link to a recipe I have found. It’s probably gonna be more of the latter.

I couldn’t be more excited to start this blog up again tomorrow, on the feast of Saint Joseph! Stay tuned for what looks like to be an easy pasta recipe tomorrow.

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