September 20: Saints Andrew Kim Taegon, Paul Chong Hassang, and Companions Kkwabaegi (Korean Doughnuts)

Food for Thought with these saints and martyrs: 1. Nearly 10,000 Catholics were martyred for their faith in Korea; religious freedom didn’t even come around until 1884. Compare that to the fact that Korea has nearly 4 million Catholics today. (from Loyola Press) 2. Andrew Kim Taegon was the first native Korean priest; I love […]

September 18: Saint Joseph of Cupertino Flight Attendant

Today’s saint and I are kindred spirits. He was a real klutz, and always seemed to be breaking dishes. But the Lord worked amazingly through him, to the point where this saint could levitate! He’s the patron saint of aviators and pilots…meet Saint Joseph of Cupertino! 5 years ago, I flew with a friend who […]

September 17: Saint Robert Bellarmine Pasta Salad

Italian Saint Robert Bellarmine is known for being the spiritual director, most notably to Saint Aloysius Gonzaga! And yes, I made a Gorgonzola dish for Saint Gonzaga’s feast day… And it seemed totes approps to toss it into today’s salad! The beautiful secret about pasta salad is that you can really use whatever ingredients you […]

September 17: Saint Hildegard’s Own Cookie Recipe!!

On the feast of Saint Hildegard, it seems most suiting to eat Hildegard cookies! This is her own recipe, one she instructed her own nuns to eat. Here are her serving recommendations: 1. She encourages adults to eat about five cookies a day.2. And children, three. This was happy news for my 15 month old. […]

September 16: Saints Cornelius and Cyprian 21-Raspberry Mojito

Why 21 raspberries? Saint Cornelius was our 21st Pope, and he and his good friend and one of his bishops, Saint Cyprian, are being honored today as martyrs of the Church. It’s a good reminder to pray for our pope and our bishops to be the courageous men we so badly need. However, I was […]

September 15: Our Lady of Sorrows Sweet and Sour Virgin Margarita

2 reasons you should get to know our Lady of Sorrows: 1. People, even non-Catholics, usually just see Mary as the sweet, non-descriptive, never suffering go-along-for-the ride mother of Jesus. But she sorrowed so very, very much! From hearing Simeon’s terrifying prophecy to losing her preteen son for THREE DAYS (that one always gets me) […]

September 14: The Triumph of the Holy Cross Caprese Skewers

One good reason basil works for today’s feast: 1. Did you know that basil is rumored to have grown around the foot of the cross? Saint Helena, founder of the true Cross, said that she found it beneath an overgrowth of basil (from Kendra Tierney). Up your caprese salad game by putting the simple ingredients […]

September 12: Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary Cookies

10 Marian names I am loving right now: 1. Mama2. Maria Theotokos3. Our Lady of Cana4. Our Lady Undoer of Knots5. Ave6. Malia7. Miriam8. Tower of David9. Milk to our Bread10. It’s still like my #1…Mary 4 tips with this recipe: 1. You really want to make sure the batter is firm enough to hold […]

September 10: St. Thomas of Villanova Sloppy Breakfast Tacos

The number one reason I am loving this newfound saint: 1. He was a loud and proud slob. He intentionally looked disheveled! This warmed my heart so very much, in part because this was my husband’s fashion mentality when we worked together years ago! And it worked perfectly with our dinner: breakfast tacos that proved […]