July 22: Saint Mary Magdalene and 7 (Ingredient) Deviled Eggs

3 reasons I love Saint Mary Magdalene: 2 tips for this recipe: Recipe: Ingredients for 2-4 servings Preparation 1. Place the eggs in a pot. Fill with cold water until the eggs are covered. Bring the pot to a boil, then cover, remove from heat. Don’t forget to remove from heat! Saint Mary Magdalene, pray […]

July 22: Saint Mary Magdalene Garden Salad

Two of my favorite passages about Saint Mary Magdalene: “Jesus said to her, ‘Mary!’ She turned and said to him in Aramaic, ‘Rabboni!’ ” (John 20:16) I love that she thought our Lord was the gardener, but all it took was Christ saying her name for her to understand. “[Mary] said to them, ‘They have […]

July 22: Saint Mary Magdalene Spiced Vindaloo Curry

Two controversies about Saint Mary Magdalene: 1. Some say that she was not a prostitute. 2. Others believe that she is the sister of Martha. As for me, in my humble opinion, I’m a believe in both. But, the next time you’re in conversation with one of your closest Catholic friends, see what they think. […]

July 22: Saint Mary Magdalene Madeleines

2 things you may not know about Saint Mary Magdalene: 1. She’s the patron of glove makers and hairdressers. 2. There’s talk right now about some Catholics wanting her feast day to be promoted to a solemnity. I do have mixed reactions about it and wanna talk to everyone I know about it. 2 Tips […]