September 12: Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary Cookies

10 Marian names I am loving right now: 1. Mama2. Maria Theotokos3. Our Lady of Cana4. Our Lady Undoer of Knots5. Ave6. Malia7. Miriam8. Tower of David9. Milk to our Bread10. It’s still like my #1…Mary 4 tips with this recipe: 1. You really want to make sure the batter is firm enough to hold […]

September 10: St. Thomas of Villanova Sloppy Breakfast Tacos

The number one reason I am loving this newfound saint: 1. He was a loud and proud slob. He intentionally looked disheveled! This warmed my heart so very much, in part because this was my husband’s fashion mentality when we worked together years ago! And it worked perfectly with our dinner: breakfast tacos that proved […]

September 8: Nativity of Mary Vanilla Cupcakes

6 ways to celebrate Mama Mary’s birthday: 1. Dessert.2. Pray the rosary with your family.3. Say a special prayer to her parents, Anne and Joachim.4. Pray a litany that is dear to your family in her honor.5. Buy flowers for the occasion.6. Open up all the curtains, blinds in your home and let natural light […]

September 6: Blessed Claudio Granzotta 3-ingredient Banana Pancakes

The three interesting careers of this up-and-coming saint:1. Sculptor2. Italian solider3. Franciscan friar To celebrate the three careers (and for an easy breakfast!), let’s have 3 ingredient pancakes! 2 tips for this recipe: 1. Serve with berries for an extra flavor! Or maple syrup. 🙂 2. Because we have a toddler in the home, we […]

September 5: Saint Teresa of Calcutta Easy Chicken Curry

3 things you may not know about Saint Teresa: 1. She was born with the name Agnes; she took the name Mary Teresa in honor of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux (a picture of her can be found in the room she lived out her life in) 2. She’s actually from Macedonia, not India. 3. She […]

September 3: Saint Gregory the Great Easy-As-You-Want-It Pizza

Just a handful of reasons why “the Great” is attached to this man’s name: 1. He was a Benedictine monk who had NO desire whatsoever to be a higher-up in the Church, let alone pope. He even hid from the people! But, when hiding in a cave, Gregory was found because a column of light […]

August 30: Saint Jeanne Jugan French Onion Soup Noodles (Recipe from Mother Thyme!)

3 reasons to get to know Saint Jeanne: 1. She was born in revolutionary France and saw suffering in her own home and on the bloody streets around her. 2. She’s the founder of the Little Sisters of the Poor, but the chaplain reassigned her in one of the most deamning of positions, where she […]

August 29: Beheading of Saint John the Baptist Lettuce Wrap Bar

The big reason why this is an important feast to celebrate: 1. John the Baptist is dying as a martyr, defending what is good, true, and beautifully–in this case, marriage. 6 easy (and fairly lazy) filling ideas for your wraps: 1. We’re using up leftovers here, and so we’re gonna enjoy the North African meatballs […]

August 27 and 28: Saints Augustine and Monica North African Meatballs

2 geographical facts for you about this mother-son duo: 1. Everyone says “St. Augustine of Hippo”–but at your next trivia night, don’t let that fool you! Augustine was born in Thagaste, but he tried his hardest to convert the people in Hippo. Now you know. 2. Monica was such a devout that she followed Augustine […]